Kim Dandurand

  CEO/President, Aulterra International 

My Story,

     In 1996, I noticed changes in my children's health as cell phones and computers became common in my home. Curious by nature, I started studying electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation − a form of radiation that is emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices. Further alarmed by what I  learned, I worked relentlessly to develop

a way to neutralize the effects of exposure to electronics. Over fifteen years of research I resulted in development of the Neutralizer®. 


The Neutralizer® − a product that neutralizes EMF radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices, and it protects human DNA against damage by EMF radiation.






Kim Dandurand is CEO/President of Aulterra International − an Idaho-based high-tech       company. Aulterra International is a pioneer in the research and development of products that protect against the potentially negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Kim holds a U. S. patent (with forty-three claims) on his products, he is a leading authority in his field and he lectures internationally, he works with Quantum Biology Labs to continuously expand the science behind his products, research on his product − the Neutralizer® − has been peer-reviewed and published in an international scientific journal, and the Neutralizer® is in use in over sixty countries.


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